Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Adjustable dumbbells

If you try to lose some weight, build muscles or just stay fit and look for a way to save money and time-adjustable dumbbell is right for you. This type of convertible dumbbells offers you convenience and affordability.

One of two main positive things about adjustable dumbbell is affordability. You can work out at home instead of paying for monthly membership in a fitness club. A set of versatile dumbbells will cost you from $70 to $300. It’s not cheap either, but if you compare it to the cost of yearly fitness club membership, the adjustable dumbbell option starts to look more attractive.

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Everyone agrees, that it’s not possible to keep the whole set of regular dumbbells at home. Convertible dumbbells can be quickly and easily adjusted to the exact weight you need for certain type of exercise. This type of equipment is perfect for busy people, because they are easy to use, safe, portable and convenient. Some of the dumbbells are manually adjusted, some have just a pin that needs to be moved to choose the necessary weight.

Suggestions on purchasing adjustable dumbbells.

There are many factors that should be considered before buying adjustable dumbbell. If you are not familiar with exercise tools and just beginning to work out, look for padded dumbbells. Size and shape of the grip is very important, so choose the one that feels comfortable and doesn’t hurt your palms.
Shape, size, portability and storage space factors are also critical. These factors mostly depend on how big your apartment is; however, choose dumbbells that are not too massive.

Quality is also very important. Look for dumbbells that are durable and intended for both indoor or outdoor use. The coat of paint should be long-lasting and lock mechanisms should be secure. It’s recommended to buy a stand and a carrying case for dumbbells.

It’s very convenient to use adjustable dumbbell because of lower cost and space coherence. One set of convertible dumbbells easily replaces about fifteen pairs of usual ones. You can save both space and money.